Check Your Wallets For This 1943 Copper Penny, It Could Be Worth Thousands Of Dollars!

Penny for your thoughts?

You can’t get a lot with one cent in this day and age!

However, a traditional copper cent coin could actually be more valuable than what you think it would be.

Copper coins from 1943 in particular stand out as being potentially very valuable!

They might just present themselves as any other coin, to people who have no experience in spotting them.

Copper was in short supply back in 1943, due to America battling in the Second World War. In order to get the most out of the copper resources needed to fight the battles, pennies were instead formed out of stainless steel. However, one batch from that year were actually made of copper, and these are the rare and valuable ones that you need to look out for!

We’ll discuss later about how steel cent coins are significant — however, if you somehow come across a copper cent coin from 1943, it could be worth up to $85,000.

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You may want to analyze your antique coins before you head down to a coin cashier.

We don’t pay a lot of attention to the coins we receive in our daily routine transactions, but we really should, especially now we know that some of the rare ones can be worth a life-changing amount of cash!

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Cent coins from 1943 possess a high net worth since they are exceptionally hard to come by.

Since the price of copper rose in 1982, the stuff used to make copper was substituted. Pennies made today only have a coating of copper.

Except for one year, all cent coins were formed from solid copper before 1982.

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America fought in the Second World War with our European and Asian partners, between 1943 and 1944

Since fighting in the war had a high copper requirement, the United States Mint decided to form the penny from stainless steel.

This means that silver coated coins from 1943 are still effectively being traded.

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However, the decision to form the pennies from steel turned out to be a bad one. The coins made from steel had started to crumble away.

People often thought of them as dimes, and they didn’t seem to go along well with vending machines that employed magnetic substances, since stainless steel is magnetic in nature and copper was not.

The state viewed this test as a failure, and quickly reverted back to the old copper pennies the following year.

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However, the truth is that, due to some kind of mix-up one day, a batch of 1943 pennies were actually made from copper. Not many of them exist and they’re very rare, which helps to explain why they’re so valuable!

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A 1943 cent coin formed from copper could earn you approximately $85,000 in today’s market.

A penny which hasn’t been tampered with and is in excellent condition could be of even more value to the correct buyer.

Coinage from that time should still be of immense value, even if it has been damaged a little over the decades.

This is exactly why you should take good care in noticing whether the change you receive could bring you a lot of money.

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