Check Out The Awesome Moment When One Pregnancy Surprise Offsets Another

What are the chances?

One couple thought that a family gathering would be the perfect place to announce their pregnancy.

The video starts with the whole family on a couch, thinking all they are going to do take is a picture. At that point the family starts dropping hints like,

“On the count of three, everyone say ‘Adriana’s pregnant!’”

They even try to drop ever so subtle hints like,

“Due date October 28!”

And later even less subtle hints like

“Nobody’s getting the clues!”

It isn’t until the future father, exasperated that his family is not getting it, gives up and says “We’re expecting a baby!” that the family finally reacts and congratulates them.

Their surprises however, are only halfway done, as the man’s brother-in-law pulls out two gifts and gives them to his wife and his sister-in-law.

Before opening it, the future mom asks, somewhat ironically, “You’re not pregnant too, are you”? She then reads the contents of the message inside and totally flips out.

“October! Same due date!”

A double surprise is executed to perfection as both sisters are not only pregnant, but due on the very same day. What are the chances?

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