Cast Reunions That Will Make You Demand Immediate Reboots

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We all imagine that the casts of our favorite shows are all best pals in reality. However, after the shooting stops, it can be difficult for the actors to remain in contact with each other. Often, after some time has passed, cast members create reunions to let their fans know what they are now doing with their lives. Look at these reunions and see how the cast of some shows has changed over time.

‘Lost’ premiered in 2004 and gained popularity as one of the pioneers of the current golden age of TV.

Ten years after the first season premiered, the cast gathered for a reunion. Is it possible that they planned to get back together on screen?

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The ‘Sex and the City’ cast met for the first time in 1998 for a photo shoot of the first season.


The last time the ‘Sex and the City’ cast were seen together was for the second movie in 2010. We can all pray for another movie.

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In 1999, ‘Cruel Intentions’ was released. Rumors of a TV reboot continued to circulate long after, with the cast meeting for a reunion in 2015.

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Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar are all adults now.

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The Princess Bride’ has been considered a classic ever since it was released in 1987.

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Most of the cast members are now superstars with busy schedules. Nonetheless, they managed to meet for a reunion in 2012.

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Friends’ started back in 1994. It is an evergreen show that is still popular today.


Excluding Matthew Perry, the cast reunited after 12 years to relive their memories of filming the show and celebrating its success.

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Even though released in 2004, ‘Mean Girls’ is still a movie that’s quoted every day.

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After 10 years, the women attended a photo shoot for their reunion. No plans have yet been announced for another movie, but a ‘Mean Girls’ musical will go ahead.

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If you want to watch an amazing rom-com, ‘Pretty Woman’ is your answer. You just have to wish for Richard Gere and Julia Roberts to end up together in the movie.


After a good 26 years, the cast had a reunion to cherish the memories of filming such a successful movie.

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Remember ‘Baywatch’ and a young David Hasselhoff? Many actors started off from this popular TV show. Mila Kunis’ first role was in this show when she was a young girl.

In 2013, the cast had a reunion. A movie reboot is coming out in 2017. One thing on my mind is whether David or the cast will make a cameo or not.

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