Boy Secretly Uses A Sewing Machine To Prepare A Surprise For His Sick Dad

He’s not your typical 12-year-old

Unlike most 12-year-olds who go outside to socialize and play or spend hours on the Xbox, Campbell Remes prefers to stay in his bedroom, working with his sewing machine.


“If Campbell could be on that sewing machine 24/7, he would,” his mom said. “Not every 12-year-old would do that.”

“If I say ‘Don’t do it,’ he sneaks,” she said.

When he was 9 years old, Campbell asked his parents if they could buy presents for the kids at the local hospital. As kind as the gesture might seem, his parents couldn’t really afford to buy that many presents – not when they already have nine children.

But Campbell came up with a solution. Instead of buying them presents, he decided to make them by hand. He then started to learn how to use a sewing machine.

His first piece of work took around five hours to make. Every day, he would make a hand-sewn gift for a child at the hospital. He would visit them every week – an act of kindness not very many 12-year-olds even think of.

In 2011, Campbell’s dad, Nathan, got diagnosed with cancer. The boy then decided to use his sewing skills to make his dad a stuffed bear. Nathan says, it helped alleviate the stress of having cancer.

Check out Campbell’s handmade creations in this video!

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