Body Cam Films Incredible Moment This Officer Rushed Into Fire And Rescued A Woman And Her Dog

The dramatic footage needs to be seen to be believed…

This selfless act was filmed in Texas after two heroic police officers didn’t hesitate to rescue a woman and her pup from a blazing smoke-filled apartment…


Officer Charles Sanford was wearing a body camera when he and Police Corporal Christopher Chavez braved through the thick, black smoke filling the apartment. The Bastrop Police Department  had begun using body cams on officers for just a few weeks before this footage was taken.

“I get a call about a fire from dispatch and they let me know that a woman was trapped inside and she could see flames. Everyone’s like, there’s a lady in the building and I am like OK, I am getting there,” Officer Sanford recalled.

In a pure coincidence, the officer had already knew the woman trapped inside, and had a familiarity with the apartment complex that was set ablaze.

The dramatic footage began frantically as Sanford was running towards the apartment.

He immediately encountered the puppy and took him outside right away, thankfully safe and sound with other tenants who managed to escape.

“I was really concerned ’cause I couldn’t see her, and every time I tried to get in there, it was just overwhelming with the smoke,” the officer stated. “I couldn’t breathe, so I was like, ‘Oh man, how are we going to get to her?’”

It was then that Corporal Chavez arrived, and without a single bit of hesitation, he bravely climbed in through the window and discovered the woman still there. With help from others outside, he finally managed to free her.

“Everything is going 100 miles per hour at 90 miles a minute,” Chaves recalled. “You just jump into action, you don’t even really think about it. You just know what you got to do and that’s preserve life and save people, and do what you need to do, and that’s what we did.”

The woman escaped the fire with only minor burns a few respiratory issues, but had been driven to the San Antonio Burn Unit to recover. She was released shortly after.

Watch the incredible footage below:

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