Betty White Was Born Long Before These 15 Everyday Inventions

Which one of these surprised you the most?

As an individual born in 1922, Betty White has lived through countless inventions we take for granted today. Although she recently celebrated turning 95, Betty is still as vibrant and bubbly as she had been during her younger years in the Hollywood spotlight! When you really consider the countless inventions that came about since Betty was born, you will find yourself amazed to say the least…

1. Sliced bread is an invention that has revolutionized the way we eat since 1928. Can you imagine all the years previous to this invention where sandwiches consisted of uneven and lopsided bread?


2. The ’30s brought about the invention of Scotch tape. Known to this generation as an ordinary household object, this creation was close to magical for those who experienced its debut.


3. Betty White was already deep into adulthood when the first Barbie came about in 1959. Makes you wonder what childhood toys she was fond of growing up.


4. The famous Ritz crackers are many people’s favorite snack and can be found in just about every store in America. However, Betty was already 12 years old before this brand was born.

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5. Penicillin, the all powerful infection fighter, wasn’t produced until 1928. Betty was already six years old at the time, however it wasn’t until 14 years later that the drug was actually produced to clear infections.

ABC News

6. Of course, the computer is an invention that has only recently made its way into the homes of the general public. However even major institutions such as the U.S. Navy didn’t have a computer until the year 1938!

Over the Air

7. Every kid’s favorite Slinky was not in stores for children to enjoy until 1945. Its incredible that this simple spiral wire took that long to come about.

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8. It wasn’t until Betty was already 18 that McDonald’s, the famous food chain, was first established! She had to patiently wait an extra 27 years before tasting the first Big Mac. Incredible!


9. Velcro was invented in the year 1941 and took almost a decade afterwards before its first introduction to the general public, forever revolutionizing the way all children tied their shoes!

Fast Company

10. Although the helicopter was based on designs that dated back as early as 400 BC, the world record for flying a helicopter was achieved in 1924, for a total distance of 393 yards.

Flying Magazine

11. Its hard to believe the first commercial trampoline was invented in 1936!


12. After plenty of trial and error, the first ballpoint pen was finally invented in 1938 with an additional five years before it was sold openly to the general public. Although it is now the most common pen, this invention was revolutionary at its time.

Mental Floss

13. Although the first chewing gum existed long before she was born, the typical bubble gum only came about in 1928, making Betty a very happy six year old!

Goody Goody Gum Drop

14. The magical creation that is Tupperware was not produced for the public until 1948. Before this, food was stored in tins, bags, and boxes or most often devoured without a crumb remaining!

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15. Betty was already 31 years of age before ever watching the first color television, let alone 3-D films in HD quality!


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