Baylor Football Players Allegedly Raped Women As A "Bonding Experience" According To Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed in the federal court say men should be brought to justice for assaulting women

Baylor football players who raped women will be brought to justice according to lawyers

In a new lawsuit against the Baylor University, lawyers are accusing the football players of raping women as a tool of recruitment of new team players; it was a “team-bonding experience” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is the now seventh to state that the University violated the law regarding discrimination by sex, by facilitating a culture of hostility, discrimination, and violent behavior.

According to the suit, in 2012, a woman went to an event held by Baylor students and players at an apartment complex where it was believed the young girl was drugged. She was then taken to another location and was raped by eight men. She claimed she remembers hearing someone say to grab the woman’s phone and delete her numbers and her texts.

The lawsuit claimed their parties included fighting between dogs and recorded sexual assaults; women would be drugged and raped, or “trains” would be “run on the women.” The alleged crimes were labeled as a “bonding experience” according to the lawyers in charge of the case.

Photo’s and videos would be taken of the barely conscious women, and the tapes would be shared by the football players. The plaintiff stated that a short video of two female students being raped by the men was currently being used in court.

The court file stated a woman was threatened verbally by text messages before she had to go to classes that she shared with some of the team members. The people involved were hostile towards the girl after her mom asked the assistant coach to discipline the men.

The lawsuit claimed in 2013 her home was robbed by football players who stole cash from her as well as a necklace before throwing her personal belongings all over the room. At the time, the incidents were not taken seriously by university officials, and the student was left “traumatized” by the event and eventually left the school.

Baylor is the biggest Baptist university in the world. The football team was struggling under their coach Art Briles but went on to achieve success which brought a lot of newfound wealth to the University and the players became stars on the campus.

The lawsuit claimed the team helped create a sexually violent culture where a “hostesse” program was created that showed potential football players “promises of sex” that would often come to fruition.

It alleged the football department regularly and deliberately did not discipline players accused of sexual assault, and they discredited accusations within its own disciplinary system that favored players in comparison to the accusers. The allegations were kept under wraps and not revealed outside of the campus.

Once the scandal was revealed, the university hired a team of legal experts to investigate and found that seventeen different women reported being assaulted or raped by nineteen different players and there were at least four gang rapes. Another lawsuit is alleging that there had been fifty-two “acts of rape” by thirty-one players between the years of 2011 and 2014.

The news ultimately led to the firing of Art Briles as well Ken Starr who served as the president and the chancellor of the organization. Several players were convicted, indicted, or are currently waiting for their trial. The university continues to be under an investigation by authorities in the state and federal branches.

Baylor University released a statement saying it was striving to rid itself of discrimination and abuse regarding sexuality and gender and it has responded to the allegations of assault as best as it could.