Barber Gives Haircuts To Homeless People Free Of Cost

This barber knows what it feels like to be homeless, so he offers free haircuts to homeless people.

Roger Lopez from Austin, Texas was once homeless himself. While spending his days without a roof on his head, he was faced with the realization that he was missing out on something in life. 

“One thing I was lacking was the ability to just have compassion for other people — to see what the other man was going through,” Roger stated in an interview with Fox7.

Roger knew that the only way he could be of help to his family and to himself was by changing the way he perceived others.

It was due to a kind act of another person that helped Roger to change his life for the better. He was asked by a mentor about what he truly desired out of his life, an occurrence that Roger described as follows: “He asked me, ‘What are you good at? What do you like to do?’ I like making people look good,” he replied.

Roger definitely was not joking about his will to help others look good, and so 14 months after this incident, he became a licensed barber of the state of Texas. This career was thrilling for Roger, because he was pursuing what he always wanted to do, which pushed him to pay the kindness forward to others who were helpless.

Roger said, “I do it so you or the next person can benefit. Maybe if you’re looking for a job you just need a little haircut, a little boost, something to get you going.”

As a barber, Roger then started to make frequent visits to the downtown area of Austin, where he found a lot of homeless people that took part in a church service every week. The barber set up his shop right outside the church, where he offered free haircuts to these homeless people.

One of his customers said,“To know somebody cares enough to take their time out to come cut hair and shave anybody for free, that’s pretty cool.”

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