Badly-Behaved Teen Gets Sent To Live With A New Family, Then Reads A Note From His Dad

17-year-old boy breaks down in tears when he reads his dad’s message

Jesse is one badly-behaved kid! In fact, he caused so many problems that his parents decided to send him off to live with another family for a while. Then, when he received a letter from his dad, he burst into tears.


17-year-old Jesse is a real troublemaker. He fights other kids at school, he has bad grades, he smokes and he yells at his whole family.

Jesse’s parents were sick of his behavior and turned to ‘World’s Strictest Parents’ for help. This documentary followed Jesse as he was sent to live with Eddie and Susan Tilley, a tough couple who have a lot of experience with troubled kids.

In order to help Jesse learn the error of his ways, Eddie tried to talk to him about the importance of communication. At first, Jesse didn’t agree. He said that, even if he tried to talk to his parents normally, it would always inevitably descend into an argument.

Then, Jesse got a letter from his dad. As soon as he started reading, he was overwhelmed with sadness and guilt. The letter talked about how Jesse’s dad has been hurt by his son’s actions, while also saying that he still loves him very much.

“I was reading things he never really said before because I never gave him a chance to say it,” Jesse said, before adding “I screwed up pretty much everything.”

Eddie intervened, stating that the relationship could still be mended, as long as both Jesse and his dad are prepared to make the necessary effort.

“My dad means probably more than anything to me,” Jesse said. “I am going to try to be there and try to be the son my parents would want to have.”

Fortunately, Jesse responded well to the letter and finally understood how his parents felt. He has made a vow to become a better son, and we hope he keeps that promise!

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