Baby Won't Stop Crying In Car Seat, So A Horse Decides To Help

This horse might have a future career as a babysitter

The following clip is simply too cute for words. 


If you’re a parent, you’ll know that finding a babysitter can be a real challenge.

For this mom, it’s never a problem because her babysitter is always ready to lend a hand! Oh, did we mention that her babysitter is a horse?

It might sound crazy, but when you’ve seen this video, you’ll change your mind!

The mom places her baby in a car seat and leaves the child in front of the horse’s stable.

The child starts to cry, but the horse quickly intervenes. She lowers her head down to the car seat and gently nudges it with her nose, rocking the baby from side to side. She does this a few times, and the baby soon stops crying.

Not only that, but the baby even starts to enjoy playing with her horse friend! As soon as the seat stops rocking, the baby makes a sound to say she wants another push! It’s really cute and we encourage you to watch it for yourself.

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