Baby Suffers From Rare Disease With No Donors, So Parents Have Another Baby To Create A Match!

Kylie’s disease only affects 20 children every year in North America!

From birth, Kylie Monica suffered from a failing heart and strange defects. The doctors were unable to identify the cause of the ailments with the baby girl. In fact, they told the parents that she might not survive through the night.


After many problems, Kylie’s doctor managed to identify her disease. She suffered from a rare disease that is only found in 20 to 50 children across the USA and Canada every year. It is known as Diamond-Blackfan anemia.

A bone marrow transplant was the last chance to save her life. This required bone marrow material from a sibling. As soon as her parents, Joe and Heather Monica, saw a slight chance of her survival, they had Kylie’s siblings tested and found out that none were a match.

The time came for an important decision to be made. Would having another baby result in a bone marrow match for Kylie and hope for her future? It was a risk they had to take! Heather was soon pregnant with Kylie’s younger sister, Jordan.

Miraculously, Jordan was a match and the transplant was successful. You’d never be able to tell that Kylie ever suffered from such a horrifying disease. If you’re thinking that Jordan was born only to save Kylie’s life, you should know she’s one of ten siblings, and the couple always wanted to have a big family.

“Not many people get to meet their heroes,” Heather said. “But I got to give birth to mine.”

Take a look at Kylie’s transformation thanks to Jordan, in the video below.

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