Baby Starts Screaming On A Flight, Then The Attendant Walks Over And Does Something Incredible

The story has gone viral after this attendant’s actions were caught on camera

Traveling with a child is far from hassle-free. The younger the child, the more attention you’ll have to pay to him or her. And when things go wrong, they can easily spiral out of control. Parents need all the help they can get, and voicing your concerns or annoyance over a tantrum is not going to help if you’re a passenger on the same flight.

On a Southwest flight, when one woman’s baby started exhibiting signs of a major tantrum coming on, she had no idea how to placate it. Fortunately, a flight attendant knew how to handle the situation.

A passenger on the very same flight, by the name of Carrie, saw the event and thought it was so profound that she took to social media to talk about it. Now a huge following on Facebook is applauding the attendant’s actions.

Facebook / Carrie Jaboor

Carrie was on a Southwest Airline flight when she witnessed an act of true compassion.

Facebook / Carrie Jaboor

She was seated directly behind a mother of two. One of the two kids was a baby who started crying after takeoff.

Flickr / Sandip Bhattacharya

One flight attendant came up to the mother and asked her to follow him to the back of the plane with him. That’s when the flight attendant amazed the mother, and the whole world, with his kindness.

Facebook / Love What Matters

The flight attendant started blowing bubbles to placate the crying baby!

Facebook / Carrie Jaboor

The mom was said to be in tears after witnessing such a genuine and kind act.

Facebook / Carrie Jaboor

Carrie took to Facebook to share the incident.

My heart… there was a mother and her 2 young girls in front of me on the plane and the baby suddenly had a very loud crying fit that wouldn’t stop. This Southwest employee asked the mother to come to the back of the plane with him. I looked back and saw him blowing bubbles for the little girl until she stopped crying as he was also giving tissues to the mother and consoling her as she was crying too. There are some seriously kind people in this world.

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