Baby Scrunches Face, Looks 80 Years Older

The parents had no idea they were in for a two-in-one package

The cutest thing about babies is by far is that they just don’t know how cute they are. They have no idea that the things they do can make us melt. This baby is offering even more proof of that.

The video below, posted this past week, shows the baby sitting down in front of the camera. He doesn’t seem to be doing much, until his father asks him a question.

‘What’s that face?’

The baby immediately transforms as he scrunches his face. He looks exactly like a grandfather.

His scrunching of every part of his face evokes a hysterical reaction from his father, who can’t seem to control himself as he bursts into laughter. This baby, like all others however, is still unaware of what prompted such a reaction.

‘Come on, do it again’

The dad’s request is approved and surely enough, the baby pulls out his infamous angry grandpa look again. The dad laughs again and says, ‘That’s beautiful’. The baby now gets why his dad is laughing so hard and he continues showcasing his unique talent until the video ends.

Check out the baby in the video below

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