Baby Python Emerges With A Very Unique Pattern On Its Scales

Coincidence or something more?

Snakes are a very polarizing animal in today’s world and elicit reactions ranging from seizure induced panic in some people to genuine love from others. Watch the video to see what makes this snake especially unique.


Justin Kobylka, owner of a reptile shop in Toccoa, Georgia, added a new member to his reptilian family in 2016 when this ball python arrived at his store.

Ball pythons, or royal pythons, are of the non-venomous variety and belong to the constrictor family of snakes. They are indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa.

As the video demonstrates, the python has white scales, and moving down its body are yellowish shapes that the generation of today might know as, yeah you guessed it, emojis!

The cult of emoji worshipping has found its new god, and it’s the little cutie in the video, which is just down below.

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