Baby Gets Abandoned In Bag. 35 Years Later, She's Shocked To Learn The Identity Of Her Mother

She knew her this whole time!

You might not believe this strange story, but it’s true! It began after Janet Barnicoat grew up being told that she had been abandoned when she was a baby, which led her to start searching for her mother 35 years later…

Throughout the search, she reunited with two of her half-siblings. Neither of the siblings were aware that the others existed, and each of them had different dads.

When Janet first met Dean and Julie, her brother and sister, they discovered one shocking connection: like Janet, Julie and Dean were also abandoned in a paper bag by their shared mother.

So they took a DNA test via and made a new match to their half-cousin, also linked genetically to the shared birth mother. That cousin brought them right up to Joann Hauser, a woman that Janet knew for many years.

Apparently, Joann was the Good Samaritan stranger that had originally discovered Janet inside a paper bag some 35 years ago. Actually, a few years prior to the most recent discovery, Janet and Joanne reunited so that she may thank the kind stranger for saving her life. Janet had absolutely no clue that she and the woman were related, and Joanne didn’t mention it during their previous reunion. How is this possible?

Janet, determined to figure out what was going on, went to Joann and confronted her about her findings. Joanne immediately admitted everything. She had never revealed the information of who who she actually was to a soul: Janet, Julie, and Dean’s biological mom.

She said she posed as a “Good Samaritan” in order to ensure that Janet makes it into a safe home. Fearing the possibility of being judged, Joanne kept the secret to herself for years.

Janet as well as her siblings were never actually abandoned or thrown into the trash, left to die. Their mother was just a scared and confused person trying to do the right thing in the only manner she was able for at the time.

After learning that her birth mom never saw her as “trash” changed Janet’s perception on life, and was the greatest gift she could ask for.

“I wanna say it was like a sigh of relief,” said Janet  in 2016. “I had gone 15 to 20 years with that story in my head constantly, that I was tossed away, that I was thrown into a dumpster.”

Janet then forgave her biological mom, and says she has no grudges. In fact, Janet thanked Joanne.

“She did us a favor,” she stated. “All three of us had amazing families.”

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