Baby Boy Is Waiting For A Liver Transplant, Then The Doctor Removes His Name From Donor List

The parents were so scared for their little boy

Daniel McCabe was born with a rare condition that meant he needed a liver transplant. Normally, people have to wait years for an organ donor, so Daniel’s parents were shocked when a doctor arrived with some very surprising news.


Little Daniel suffers from biliary artresia. This is a very rare problem that makes his liver unable to function properly. The little boy’s skin started to change color and his ribs were broken because his body couldn’t help them stay strong.

In December of 2016, Melody, the mother of Daniel, took him to hospital. The family was greeted by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, who revealed that the 5-month-old boy would need to wait for a liver transplant. It was the only wait to truly cure him of his condition.

Daniel’s parents were saddened by this news. They knew that patients often had to wait a very long time for a donor to arrive.

But then, something amazing happened! Just 40 minutes after the family were given the news, Dr. Brown returned to tell them that a donor had been found!

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