Awkward And Ridiculous Texts You'll Laugh At Till They Happen To You

These are pure internet gold!

When it comes to modern technology, the idea is either genius or the most intense comical joke yet. These folks are evidence to the case. Their unfortunate mishaps, auto-correct fails, and entirely too awkward conversations are guaranteed to bring the laughs … until of course, they happen to one of us. 

Communication is key … in any relationship.

imgur | Rypley

Auto-correct at its finest.

reddit | decaseman

Damage: done.

tumblr | onlyonereason

Instant regret.

reddit | Xposer

She’s quick to jump to conclusions.

tumblr | mcwrap


FU Auto Correct

Time well spent.

tumblr | princesschelse

Your point?

FU Auto Correct

Save yourself!

We Know Memes

It’s a real thing.

reddit | boba_fettuccine

Close though.

reddit | Generic_xXx

You’ve been forewarned.

Funny Junk | antzell

Technically …

FU Auto Correct

Glad we cleared that up.

The Meta Picture

Duly noted.

redditu | I2ecover


reddit | mayssam

Urban Dictionary? Is that you?

redditu | danieljerrems1

Answer the question, sir.

The Hollywood Gossip

Wasn’t me.

redditu | pabstbluerabbits

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