Australian Man Tells Shark To "F*** Off"

The shark obeyed him!

Australia is known for its crazy animals. Like snakes showing up in your toilet or deadly spiders wandering around your kitchen. The locals have learned to coexist with these dangerous animals. A video recently went viral of an Aussie man engaged in a desperate tug of war with a vicious shark, before telling the king of the ocean to ‘f*** off’. Typical Aussies!

This hilarious incident occurred off Port Pirie in South Australia. Nicholas Wilks and his dad, David, were pulling in their fishing net when they saw that a shark was caught up in the net and was trying to tear its way out. David got the shark out of the net and tried to pull the net back in, but apparently the shark was not ready to let go.

Watch what happened here…

“Apparently the shark hadn’t had enough so he came back and when he was right by the boat, dad tried to ward him off with a swift punch to the nose”, Nic said.

“And so the shark didn’t like that very much and went berserk and that’s when he grabbed onto the net.”

Shark sighting is normal for the duo when they’re out fishing, which may be why David was so cool during this encounter. But they have definitely never experienced something like this in 30 years.

I scream my head off when I see a cockroach, so it’s safe to say I’d run in the opposite direction if I saw even a hint of a shark.

For this cameraman however, the shark was too close.

Want to see some more crazy shark footage? The clip below, captured in South African waters, shows the terrifying site of a Great White leaping out of the water with its mouth wide open.

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