Are Your Kids Using This Dangerous Ingredient In Their DIY Craft Recipes?

Be careful! The popular homemade slime recipe can be potentially dangerous for children.

Kids are constantly searching for the next great DIY craft to do at home so they can bring it to school and show it off to all their friends and teacher…

For most, the classic trend that never ceases to amaze kids is the homemade green “slime” recipe that is essentially a do-it-yourself Play-Doh or Silly Putty. However as more and more recipes for DIY toys and playthings have begun to swarm the internet, one specific ingredient has forced parents to think twice about allowing their children to make this potentially dangerous slime at home.

A shocking majority of these homemade slime instructions contain one specific ingredient: Borax, a household cleaning soap that is also used as a component of pesticides.

It’s easy to think Borax is safe since it is made of naturally occurring compositions of minerals such as boron, oxygen, sodium, and water.

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Unfortunately, the chemicals don’t make for a “green” cleaning product, and the FDA has proceeded to ban it due to its toxicity along with possible health risks.

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Borax can affect pregnancy as well as fertility in negative ways, stated the European Chemicals Agency. The product may also cause serious eye irritation.

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Some health experts and schools have attempted to steer students and their parents away from homemade slime in fear of harming young kids which may result in their hospitalization.

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If accidentally ingested, this slime may be extremely toxic, even leading to seizures or other risks.

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If your young ones just won’t let go of the viral trend, take a look at this slime recipe that is actually non-toxic!

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