Apparently Baby Tortoises Make The Cutest Twins In The World! You Just Need To See Them

After you see these little guys, you’ll start looking to adopt your own!

In October of 2015, a man named Chris Leone, the founder of Garden State Tortoise LLC, a tortoise conservation and breeding group, was waiting on a few eggs from a Hermann’s tortoise to hatch.

Facebook | Garden State Tortoise LLC

Although he doesn’t tend to interfere with the birthing process, he noticed that out the group of eggs, one baby struggled to break apart from its shell, and he decided that he would help the little guy out.

To much of his surprise, he figured out why the little one was going through such a difficult time hatching. Someone else had been holding him back: a twin!

Even though the pair were completely developed and totally healthy, the larger one tried getting out of its egg, but since it had been sharing a yolk with its twin, it was extra difficult to detach.

Thankfully, Leone managed to get both of the babies out safe and sound, and after their yolk absorbed, he released the shared sack between the twins with a simple piece of floss.

Facebook | Garden State Tortoise LLC

“It’s always best not to interfere with these animals but sometimes it’s needed. In this case, our help was needed for their survival.”

Facebook | Garden State Tortoise LLC

A couple of weeks since their birth, Leone posted more photos on Facebook that showed just how much the pair progressed. Even after weeks of growing, they weren’t much bigger than a tiny quarter!

Facebook | Garden State Tortoise LLC

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