Animal Lovers Take Pity On Only Dog Left In Shelter And Give Blind German Shepherd A Forever Home

No more howling alone in the dark for this energetic pup!

At the end of the last Thanksgiving weekend, the Humane Society of Phoenix, Arizona, said their goodbyes to over 313 pets. The shelter was boasting a record year, finding forever homes for hundreds of animals. Sadly, sweet little Bryan wasn’t lucky enough to make the cut.


In his younger years, Bryan was tragically abused, resulting in the permanent loss of his sight. The pup was constantly kept outside and given no human contact or actual love before he was thankfully rescued by the Arizona shelter.

As a five-year-old, blind German Shepherd, Bryan didn’t have luck on his side and was left alone in his kennel after the holiday weekend … but not for long.

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Patti Mooers and her husband couldn’t bear the thought of adorable Bryan being completely isolated at the shelter. Taking a trip to the rescue center, the dog lovers instantly fell in love with the friendly and energetic pup.


As German Shepherd experts who were trained to care for canines with disabilities, the Mooers were the perfect adoptive parents for brave little Bryan.

Leaving the shelter, the blind dog took matters into his own paws, smelling and sniffing everything within reach.

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Arriving at his forever home for the first time, Bryan was completely ecstatic. He had toys to chew, fresh grass to dig, and a warm bed to cuddle up in.


It’s pretty clear Bryan will be living an easy life, filled with pats on the head, belly rubs, and games of fetch. According to Patti, he’s still learning the ropes but he’s learning more and more every day.

“He bumps into a few things,” the dog owner explained. ” … but he seems real content.”

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