Angelina Jolie's Kurdish Doppelganger Has Apparently Been Killed by ISIS

Asia Ramazan Antar – more commonly known as the ‘Kurdish Angelina Jolie’ has reportedly died fighting ISIS

You may remember Asia Ramazan Antar as the ‘Kurdish Angelina Jolie’.

We Want Freedom for Kurdistan/Facebook
We Want Freedom for Kurdistan/Facebook

The 22-year-old, who was a member of the Women’s Protection Unit (Yekîneyên Parastina Jin/YPJ) – an all-female Kurdish military organisation – first went viral due to her striking resemblance to the Tomb Raider star, but now it has been reported by The Daily Mail that Antar has died.

According to the report, Antar was killed in Northern Syria by members of ISIS. Members of the Facebook page ‘We Want Freedom for Kurdistan’ posted a message claiming that Asia Ramazan Antar was ‘martyred in a battle against Daesh’.

We Want Freedom for Kurdistan/Facebook

While there hasn’t been any official confirmation of her death, we do know that the movie star-lookalike’s many battles against ISIS have been heavily reported and publicised in the past so, unfortunately, it’s not an outrageous assumption to believe the story is true.

Of course, if it is indeed true, we send our love and support to Antar’s family, and either way – we admire her heroic courage to fight for a very important cause.