'Ancient Tree Stump' Spotted On Mars Rover Photos

The photos prompted UFO hunters to speculate that vegetation once existed on the Red Planet.

UFO hunters have claimed that a key photo taken by the Curiosity Rover currently situated on Mars’ surface portrays an “ancient tree stump” sitting on the planet’s surface.


Video Speculation

In a video posted to the Paranormal Crucible YouTube page, the feature is highlighted and discussed. Users speculated that the object may be petrified remains of an ancient Martian tree: “Object is around 3 feet in height, and with numerous discoveries of plant and animal life on mars, it would be logical to assume, that a variety of tree either existed, or still exists on this enigmatic planet,” the video explained.

“Paranormal Crucible makes a hypothesis that this could be an ancient tree stump on Mars,” the site UFO Sightings Daily added. “Its a good assumption since NASA themselves said Mars was Earth-like when a solar explosion hit the planet.”


The video, as expected, sparked multiple comments on the video sharing site, and sceptics were not convinced that the object is in fact a tree stump.

One user wrote: “OMG, it’s a rock!” Another said: “It is a rock formation. The strata is identical to the formation behind it, except vertically tilted. It was probably flipped.”

The image had originally been taken by NASA’s Rover on the 25 of March, more specifically by its Left Mastcam, reported the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This is not the first instance of a Martian photo generating significant buzz.

Back in 2015, self-described UFO hunters believed they identified a mystery woman-like figure in a photo taken by the same rover.

The Curiosity, which is the largest rover sent to the Red Planet ever, was launched in November of 2011, and landed in August of 2012.