Amazing Uses For Avocados

They’re so yummy!

As it turns out, avocados are the solution to a plethora of your problems. Today, we’ll give you a list of how to use them to the greatest extent!

Bake your eggs right inside the avocado.

Not only does this give you an edible bowl but also the absence of dirty dishes. Just bake at 425 F for 20 minutes ad you’re set!

Mayo or sour cream in guacamole makes the best dip ever.

Avocado mixed with lemon also makes a cool pasta sauce.

The avocado’s stem gives away its freshness!

Store a sliced avocado with some peeled onion to keep it fresh!

Make avocados ripen by putting them in the microwave.

Wrap it in foil and bake it on high or 10 minutes.

Coat avocado halves in lemon juice to keep them fresh all year long.

Freeze pureed avocados for instant smoothies.

Make a hair mask.

Make use of the pit for an avocado tree.

As a dairy-free alternative for butter.

Put some olive oil on the flesh to keep them minty fresh.

Store them with bananas and apples inside a plastic bag.

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