After This Cancer Patient Restored An Old Abandoned Church, He Found The Miracle He Needed

He was finally able to feel at peace

After a devastating stage-four cancer diagnosis, Greg Thomas found a miracle in a 150-year-old Catholic church, abandoned in a lowly bean field. Undergoing grueling treatments for the disease while pouring his heart and soul into the restoration of the run-down building, the 57-year-old was able to see the fruits of his labor … in more ways than one. 


Walking with his beloved Golden Retriever, Maggie, Greg stumbled upon the 1868 holy building that would change his life. Upon trying to enter the whitewashed doors, he discovered the church hadn’t been home to a congregation in more than 150 years.

At that moment, Greg knew he would restore the once beloved church to its former glory.

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For the next three years, while eating through a feeding tube, Greg endured grueling cancer treatments that resulted in the loss of his teeth. However, those facts didn’t seem to deter the man’s determination.

Working night and day in the Minnesota countryside, he peeled off 15 layers and a century’s worth of paint before sanding the whitewashed siding.

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Opening the ancient french doors for the first time, Greg rung the metal bell hanging in the church steeple, because it was the “first thing he’d wanted to do after getting inside.”

Barely able to utter the words through his tears, Greg explained how rebuilding the seemingly simple and modest Catholic church was his way of ”saying thank you.”

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Praying once a day, every day, for three years inside the beautiful Catholic church, the man managed to strip the floors, paint the walls, and stain the pews a brand new color.

Once he was finished, Greg actually received a little surprise of his own. Let’s just say, he’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Watch the video below to learn more!

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