After Seeing These Maps, You Will Never See the World The Same Way Again!

Who knew we’d been lied to all these years?

These maps will surely change your mind about how we view the world.

The True Size

Let’s start off with Greenland. On many maps it doesn’t seem like much, but the country is almost as big as the entirety of South America!

But if we shift its position down to the same latitude as the United States, Greenland shrinks to a much smaller size. Even lower down, to the equator, its size is comparable to islands nearby. That’s a huge shift!

Same with Australia- take a look at what happens when we move it to the same latitude as Russia or Europe.

Australia originally seems to be a small continent in the middle of nowhere. It’s distance from the equator makes it seem quite small. But when we shift it upwards…

The True Size
The True Size

…It becomes gigantic!

The cause for this is due to its new location in the Arctic circle, causing it to stretch the closer it gets to the pole.

Here is the US compared to the Land Down Under.  They look like practically the same size.

The True Size

Mexico seems huge!

The True Size

What about Antarctica, the most mysterious continent out there?

The True Size

What could Russia’s real size be then?

The True Size

Russia, the largest and most northerly country in the world, looks huge on any map due to its position near the pole. But if we move it closer to the equator, its size is reduced by two or three times!

Here is how Alaska fares when moved closer to the equator:

The True Size

We can’t forget about China! Here is how China looks if it were placed on similar latitudes to Canada:

The True Size

Now comparing Russia and the US to India, the Southeast Asian country doesn’t look as small as we thought.

The True Size

If we moved the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), just one African nation, to Europe, it could practically cover it all!

The True Size

The African nations look much smaller on everyday maps because of their positions near the equator. The DRC alone even out-scales half of the US!

Algeria is the largest country in Africa. If placed on Russia, it will cover more than half of the country.

The True Size

Algeria, the DRC, Sudan, Libya, and Chad are pretty large nations, but if placed over Russia, they can cover up the entirety of the great white northern country.

Russia still maintains the award for largest country, but now it isn’t as grand as it was in it’s own northerly latitude. This way, we can also see how huge Australia is.

The following are some cartographic projections created by experts and researchers to try to provide an authentic depiction of the globe.

Peters projection – The Gall


Wagner VI Projection


The Goode Homolosine Projection


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