After New Mom Pitbull Growls in Defense of Her Newborns, She Realized Rescuers Are There to Help

What happens next will melt your heart!

Sadly, countless strays roam the streets and are locked up in cages within shelters all over the world. Their only hope is to one day find a forever home…


On one episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees, they were called to a scene where a stray dog was hiding in someone’s backyard. The dog, a pit bull stray, was terrified after giving birth.

The mom recently gave birth in the backyard and had several adorable little pups. She was nervous, as any new mom would be, and attempted to hide the little ones to protect them and keep anyone away.

If someone tried to come near, she would growl quite loudly and bark at them until they left her area. Two of members of the show’s crew, Tia and daughter Mariah, knew just how to handle the situation.

They first approached the mama slowly, cautious as the situation was highly sensitive. They provided her with chicken in order to gain trust and show that they weren’t there to cause pain.

Finally the mom understood that they were there to assist her, and she emerged out of her area and walked directly into the nice big crate they provided for her. Fortunately, they managed to obtain the puppies in perfect time since they were chock-full of fleas and urine. One quick trip to see the local vet, and one warm bath later, and they were as good as new!

If you love dogs and are grateful to the Pit Bulls & Parolees team, you will surely love this tale of them assisting a traumatized new mommy pup find her baby ones after she was taken in by the animal control!

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