After Husky Hears Man Come Home From Work, He Gets Ready to Pounce and then Leaps into His Arms!

This adorable pup absolutely loves his owner!

Nothing compares to the loyalty a dog feels for its owner…

You may get upset when your dog chews up a shoe, or poops on the carpet, but it doesn’t matter what they do or how you punished them, they can’t hold a grudge for long. They are the best friends in the world, they instantly forgive and revert right back to cuddling and wagging their tail.

Now I understand why they’re “man’s best friend”.

People, too, are dedicated to their furry pals, just as much as their pets are loyal to them. I’m sure you’ve heard many stories showing the extent a person will go to in order to provide their dog with a good life.

For Moxi the Husky, the love that this pup has for his owner and owner’s father is more than evident.

In December of last year, Moxi was standing by the door, clearly having heard something. She listened for a moment then walked away. Seconds later, the pooch came running back in an alert an ready stance!

Moments later the door popped open and….daddy’s home!

Moxi instantly leaped up into the air, directly into her owner’s arms! Of course that was just the start of the love and kisses!

Watch the cuteness in all its glory here!

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