After a Dream Wedding and Perfect Marriage, Woman Finds a Love Note to Another Woman in Her Husbands Bag

So she did something you will never expect!

This is the story of a picturesque couple, happily married in a dream wedding, and family to three young kids. Sarah and George looked like they had it all…even Sarah herself would never have guessed the truth…

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On an ordinary day some odd years into their relationship, Sarah stumbled onto something in her home that would changer the course of her life from that day on. In search of a screwdriver, Sarah thought she would have better luck finding an appropriate tool in one of her husbands bags. To her surprise, she found a secret love letter addressed to another woman, hand written by George himself.

After reading through the shocking discovery, Sarah learned just how extensive this affair had become. To read her loving and trusted husband’s secret love letter signed, “Your Mr. Grey” -a reference to the popular romance film Fifty Shades of Grey, Sarah was distraught to say the least. 

Upon his return home from work, George was immediately confronted with her findings, leaving him no choice but to come clean with the truth about affair.

Here’s where Sarah took the ball back in her court, as they say, facing the issue with a plan for revenge…

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What started off as a fairy tale love story, Sarah Williams, a thirty-two mother of three fell for George, the man of her dreams. After a wonderful two years of dating, the couple tied the knot in 2011.

A perfect wedding, and a glorious gown, the couple shared an iconic wedding celebration with all their dearest family and friends.

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The bride stole the show with her glorious wedding gown, leaving Sarah absolutely delighted. The newlyweds set off to what they described as the perfect honeymoon in Scotland.

The mother of two settled into her new family unit, welcoming a third child with George soon after, Sarah felt as though she had it all.

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Four years after the wedding, the couple’s picture-perfect lives came to an unexpected twist.

Sarah recalls the day her life changed when she searched the house for a screwdriver. Hoping to find something in George’s bag she came across the secret love note.

Noticing George’s handwriting, she was surprised to find that he had been writing this letter to another woman, talking of future plans, holidays, and longing to be together.

The letter read:

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart…

I know I’ve only known you a few months, but the effect you have had on me has been immense…

I’m really looking forward to the future with you…

You are amazing baby, and I hope reading this brings a smile to your face…”

When he arrived home, Sarah immediately called him out, resulting in his admittance to the affair.

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Heartbroken, Sarah filed for divorce right away and George was no longer permitted in their home.

She had a plan for action, though, as she was then only thinking of her children and herself. Sarah set out to rid themselves of anything related to her so called “perfect” marriage. Putting her sorrow aside, she hoped to earn some money back for her children whilst ridding herself of the painful memories.

Beginning with the gown, Sarah auctioned off her Justin Alexander $2,000 sequinned dress.

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In addition, she sold her adored diamond encrusted wedding tiara…

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…and lastly, the engagement ring, coupled with her wedding band.

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Coming to a grand total of $15,000 worth of tainted wedding memorabilia, Sarah hoped to raise some money to fund a holiday trip for herself and her children.

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Sarah Williams says she’s eager to move on to better things. We agree!

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