Abandoned Dog Is Found With A Shocking Note Saying "I Don't Need A Dog"

That is such a selfish move!

When help arrived for a 12 year old dog by the name of Tessa, they couldn’t believe what was found with her. The South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance found a note with the terrier.

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A bowl of water, a bag of food, a carrier, and an appalling note was found with the dog. The owner of Tessa was moving from the UK to Canada and had given her dog, Tessa, to her neighbor for caretaking. The owner, however, was unaware that her neighbor had no intention of keeping her beloved pet.

“My neighbor asked me if I would take charge of Tessa, as my neighbor has planned herself a new life in Canada. Reluctantly, I said yes but I did know I will not keep Tessa,” read the note. “My neighbor was happy thinking that Tessa is in good hands. Sorry for the above but I don’t need a dog.”

When Alan Webster came upon the dog, he was shocked at the poor condition the dog had been left in.

“The dog was so cold and so upset that we put a tin of rice pudding on a stove in our van and it downed the lot. It’s totally, totally wrong that someone’s abandoned an old dog like this,” Alan told a news outlet.”I’m too polite to put in words what I really think.”

A statement was later released by the rescuers that Tessa had been examined by a vet, had regained health, and would be up for adoption. The sheer number of families who expressed interest left Alan dazed.

“We wish to thank everyone for their interest in the abandoned dog this morning — it’s impossible to reply to everyone,” said Alan.

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