Abandoned Cat Rescued And Taken In By Loving Family

This senior kitty was given shelter by a wonderful family.

An elderly cat by the name of Piazza was abandoned and left alone with a mouth full of ulcers. Fortunately, his story was destined to have a happy ending.


Fortunately, Piazza was found and taken to the Best Friends Animal Shelter, where veterinarians treated ulcers that had become so bad that the poor feline had to stick his tongue out constantly in order to lessen the pain. Soon, Piazza was on his way to a successful recovery.

The adorable feline needed a loving family to take care of him and give him a forever home. Luckily, a kind family accepted Piazza and took him under their protection, instantly falling in love with the beautiful feline. The abandoned cat finally found a family again, where he will be loved and taken care of.

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