A Reminder of That Time an Ungracious High School Student Blew Smoke in his Teacher's Face

The original video has been viewed 982,056 times since being uploaded in December 2015

Last December, footage emerged of a high school student who brazenly and brashly disrespected his teacher by blowing smoke in his face.

The video came from a school in Little Rock, Arkansas, where the 18-year-old was being disciplined by the teacher. He was told that if he didn’t behave himself he’d be forced to sit in the hallway during his final exam. The student wasn’t too happy about it, and decided to retaliate in one of the most cruel, rude ways we’ve ever seen a student interact with their teacher.

Arkansas Online reported the events shortly after they took place:

The teacher then warned the student that he would write him up and call for his removal from the classroom, according to the report. While reaching for the intercom button, the student said, “Hit that button, I dare you,” the teacher told police.

After pushing the intercom button, the teacher said he looked away to write the student up for his actions and began to hear a “commotion” from students “going wild” in his classroom.

According to the report, the teacher turned around and saw that the student had “lit a cigar and was taking a drag off of it.”

“[The student] then got up from his seat, walked up to [his teacher] and blew smoke in his face three times,” the report stated.

It’s honestly disturbing to watch. A man who has committed himself to educating youth and guiding them towards a healthy, successful lifestyle being disgustingly dismissed and disrespected. It’s not certain what the consequences for his actions were – we know he wasn’t charged – and we can only assume (and certainly hope) he was expelled. We can also¬†assume that this kid, this child, didn’t graduate, and probably isn’t doing anything useful with his time. Which is every bit just as sad as it is infuriating.

Since being uploaded on December 15, 2015, the original video has been viewed 982,056 times, and re-uploaded all over Youtube.