A Marine Sent His Sister a Video On Her Wedding Day, She Then Thinks to Look Outside and Sees Him Standing There

The BEST wedding gift ever!

Katie Logan wanted to ensure that her brother, a Marine named Joseph, would be at her wedding. Of course, he couldn’t guarantee it…


The closer the date came, the more it seemed as if he would be unable to get leave. He had a ship operation that he was required to be present for in order to prepare for deployment. Instead, he made sure to make her a video so that she would have something from him to watch at the start of the wedding.

In the heartfelt video, he shared memories of then when they were growing up, he described how they used to get into harmless trouble together, and his blessings for the new step she was taking.

He said he is incredibly proud of her, and sees her as the most perfect person in his life.

“I would die for her, there’s not anything I don’t like about my sister,” Joseph said. “Any imperfection of my sister is perfect in my eyes.”

Katie didn’t think he would show up, which is why he sent the video. That alone was an amazing surprise for her.

In certain tradition, the groom and bride approach each other and share a long look at one another before beginning the ceremony. Katie then saw a man in a Marine uniform walking up to her. She thought it was her husband, until he got closer…

She then recognized who it was! Once it hit her, she broke down in tears.

“I was walking down the path and I knew it wasn’t Joe,” she said. “Your video was special, but this takes the cake!”

Watch the video below!


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