A Majority Of Britons Think Minorities Threaten The Culture Of The United Kingdom

A humanitarian index revealed 25% of people think immigrants take new jobs away

People At The Border

A new report revealed that more than half of Britons, 56%, believe their culture is threatened by the arrival of ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom. 25% think immigrants and ethnic minorities take jobs away from the citizens of the United Kingdom, while 33% believe they take more away from the culture than they contribute.

The Aurora Humanitarian Index found that the people think the United Kingdom would be less capable of dealing with the crisis of the refugees after leaving the European Union. The researchers also found a lack of faith in the world leaders to address the issue.

The survey showed that a minority of citizens believe Theresa May, the prime minister, is the best person to solve the problem.

Not only that, but support for international humanitarian action is in decline with the findings demonstrating a lack of support for helping other nations.

There is a sense of doubt that an impact can be made as well as a lack of interest in helping the international community over self-interest.

The general election manifesto of the Conservatives says the amount of net migration, 273,000, is still too high and they promise to drop the levels sometime soon, although no specific date has been set.

The research released by the Aurora Humanitarian Index was conducted before the attacks in Manchester, but even at that time, terrorism was regarded as being one of the most significant global humanitarian problems by two-thirds of the people surveyed in the United Kingdom. Hunger and forced migration were also considered to be important.

Ruben Vardanya, a co-founder of the study, said the sense of apathy towards the humanitarian causes of today shows the need for a “more engagement” in all of the public sectors.

He said the negativity in the older generations is counteracted by the positive attitudes of the youth towards humanitarianism and their beliefs in the individual’s possibility to create a positive impact.

Ruben said everyone needs to educate and motivate young people around the world to push them to act.