A Husband Was On His First Vacation Without His Wife, So She Made Him a Hilarious and Adorable Gift

Before heading off on his own to Vegas, Jim had never been apart from his wife Kim.

Since marrying his wife Kim, Jim Gip had never been apart from her.

That is until very recently, when he set off on his very first solo expedition to Vegas. He was meeting his guy mates over there, but Kim was still a tad worried that her husband may have some trouble navigating life on his own. According to Kim, she does everything for him – so she wasn’t quite sure how he may manage being out on his own. So, she decided to give Jim a very appropriate gift before he set off on his big trip.

Their son, Brandon, posted the hilarious gift on Twitter…


Jim was pretty smitten about it!


Brandon’s followers seem to agree that the gift is as adorable as it is hilarious!

We’re sure Jim was just fine in Vegas!