A Girl Tried To Test Her Boyfriend's Commitment and Was Treated To One Truly Shocking Surprise

She thought her boyfriend was cheating on her, but it was actually the exact opposite…

To Catch A Cheater is a Youtube channel that sets out to find and shame potential cheaters.


One girl decided she needed to put her boyfriend to the test, so she got in touch with them and arranged for the operation to take place. The team set up an actress to arrive at the boyfriend’s door and seduce him, while secretly filming his reaction.

Countless times, To Catch A Cheater have found men and women making poor, poor decisions and giving into temptations, and that’s exactly what this girl was expecting to see take place, but what actually went down was something quite magical…

It almost didn’t work out at all – his scheme was so well done that she was nearly too mad to even see the unbelievable outcome. Now, it’s not the most conventional of proposals – but it’s still a pretty hilarious and incredible moment!