A Fisherman Saw A Big Blob On the Beach, He Then Realizes It Was Actually Something Incredibly Sad

He decided to be a hero rather than ignore it.

What a crazy and rare incident!


In Bahia, Brazil, a fisherman walking along the coast stumbled upon a giant black mass on the sand. Curious, he walked up to it and was shocked to discover what it was.

The man was looking straight at a gigantic stingray, clearly stuck in a stray fishing net. When the net  washed ashore it brought the stingray with it and he was having a difficult time escaping.

The fisherman did his best to try to pull the net from the stingray, but quickly realized he needed more manpower in order to free the animal from it’s awful predicament.

Fortunately, others saw what he was doing and ran over to help.

As each person arrived at the scene, they did their all to help the stingray. They concocted a plan to each grasp a side and lift in order to push the sea creature towards the water. The volunteers then each grabbed a side to lift and nudge the stingray back towards the ocean. They stood there, patiently, and waited for the tug of a wave to come near and help them lift the stingray.

Gradually, the team helped the stingray inch closer to the water and slowly, the stingray was in a part with good enough depth to allow it to move by itself. The good samaritans managed to help the stingray release itself, and he was finally free.

The person who uploaded the YouTube video, posted October 18, 2016, said, “Everyone that helped was left with hands and legs pretty grated as the stingray skin is very rough. 15 minutes after the animal was freed, we saw another giant stingray jumping on the ocean, and we like to think it was the same stingray happy to be free again. It was a beautiful moment.”

The moment WAS absolutely beautiful! It makes me feel that there are still good people in the world willing to work together for a beautiful cause.

Watch the video below!

Source: Giant Stingray Rescue by ViralHog on Rumble

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