9 Easy Ways To Wake Up To That Perfect Flat Stomach

These are super easy and can be done by everyone!

When trying to stay fit and achieve our ultimate weight, we always want to see the effects of our hard work- it’s what gives us the motivation and satisfaction to keep working out…

These 9 helpful suggestions will help you wake up with the perfect flat stomach you’ve been working so hard (or not-so-hard) for. Give yourself that morning confidence boost and keep it going all day!

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1. Start the day off right with a nutritious breakfast.

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By taking in butyric acid, it helps with reducing any sort of inflammation in the body while also improving your insulin sensitivity. So eating oatmeal, red fruits, dark chocolate or nuts during breakfast will stimulate the intestines and increase your butyric acid levels, resulting in a less bloated stomach in the morning.

2. Stay away from dry snacks.

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Fruits that have been dehydrated are a great source of fibres and nutrients, but they’re also excessive in fructose. So, if you feel like you have any sort of problem absorbing the sugars left by these fruits, they’ll most likely result in you feeling gassy and swelling. Sticking to fresh fruit is the best choice to make to be sure you don’t face these problems.

3. Cut the yogurt.

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Yogurt is famous for being an integral part of any healthy diet, but many yogurts in the market have high amounts of added sugar levels. They also have natural sugar and lactose, which have been known to be difficult for humans to digest. Having both sugars together can easily result in swelling and inflammation.

4. No more Chinese food.

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We all love Chinese food! Unfortunately it also contains high quantities of sodium, which leads to bloating that’ll have you feeling really uncomfortable. One portion of Chinese soup alone contains enough sodium for an entire week! Another cuisine that contains high sodium levels is Mexican food, so make sure to keep off both types of food for now.

5. Make yourself smoothies from home instead.

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Commercial smoothies can be perfect help for cutting weight, but they also contain lots of chemicals that prevent natural nutrients from properly working. So, try to make yourself a smoothie from home using spinach, almond milk, fruits, seeds, fruits, etc.

6. Work out for 8 minutes every day.

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Working out your entire body can be done in 8 minutes, every day. So, doing it right before you go to bed will help you wake up with the perfect flat stomach, and if you do this every day, you’ll surely feel those extra pounds shed off.

Follow the tutorial on YouTube for the “Dumbbell Thruster” exercise every day, and you’ll see a difference in no time!

7. Chew way less sugar-free gum.

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Sugar-free gum contains a sugar alcohol called sorbitol, this chemical takes such a long time to digest which leads to swelling due to the fermentation of bacteria. Another factor as well, is that chewing gum sends signals straight to your brain that’ll result in you feeling even hungrier.

8. Taking a cold shower right before going to bed.

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Lowering your body temperature with a cold shower before getting ready to sleep lets your body fuel brown fat, a tissue of fat that devours energy to bring your body’s temperature up, which means you’ll burn additional calories. If you prefer not to take cold showers, lukewarm water also helps.

9. Don’t even bother with energy bars.

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Energy bars are a bad choice for many reasons:

  1. The whey lactose in energy bars lead to swelling.
  2. They contain soybeans which results in gassiness.
  3. You can actually gain more weight as energy bars are processed.
  4. They have a lot more calories than you think.