9 Crazy Hollywood Scandals From History

Some of these stories will blow your mind…

It’s hard to explain why we’re all so fascinated with celebrities. They’re just people like you and me, but we love hearing about all the latest news and gossip from their lives. Well, we’ve looked back in time and found some truly shocking celebrity scandal stories to share with you.

1. Charlie Chaplin got banned from the United States!

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Charlie Chaplin is one of the most famous stars of all time. The British comedian has left an unparalleled legacy in the history of cinema, but did you know that, at one point, he wasn’t even allowed into the USA? It was all because of Attorney General James P. McGranery, who claimed that Chaplin was anti-American. So, McGranery decided to ban him from entering the country. This happened back in 1952, and Chaplin stayed out of America for 20 years, before finally re-entering the U.S. in order to receive an honorary Oscar.

2. Fatty Arbuckle was accused of manslaughter.

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Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was another huge star in the time of silent films. He was a popular comedian and much-loved, just like Chaplin. He also happened to be a bit of a party animal. One night, while hosting a party in a hotel room, one of the guests died. The guest was Virginia Rappe, a young actress who had drunk way too much and fallen ill. In the days that followed, one of Rappe’s friends said that Arbuckle had assaulted her and caused her death. The comedian spent some time in jail and had to defend himself in court. Eventually, he was acquitted, but his career would never be the same.

3. Clara Bow was the victim of some shocking blackmail.

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Clara Bow was one of the first ever “it girls”. She was immensely popular and admired all over the world. Sadly, her story wasn’t destined to end well. Bow employed a secretary named Daisy Devoe, who decided to use her position to blackmail the star. Devoe started spreading rumors about Bow’s sexual activities, and a tabloid newspaper soon started printing the stories as fact. Eventually, Devoe and the newspaper’s publishes were sent to prison, but the damage was done and Bow decided to take early retirement.

 4. Clark Gable kept a daughter under wraps!

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The famous star had an affair with Loretta Young while filming ‘The Call of the Wild’ in 1935. Gable was married at the time and didn’t want anyone to find out about his affair. When Young fell pregnant, she and Gable organized a complex plan to keep the child’s existence a secret. As soon as her belly was big, Young made up an excuse and left the country. She later gave birth in California and handed the baby over to an orphanage. Then, she adopted her own child and called her Judith. Even though the couple tried hard to hide Judith’s true story, many people knew that Gable was her father.

5. Joan Bennett had a very jealous husband.

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Bennet married film producer of Walter Wanger. One day, Wanger was driving along when he spotted his wife chatting to a man who turned out to be her agent, Jennings Lang. Sadly, Wanger didn’t take the time to ask for an introduction. Instead, his jealousy took over and he began shooting at Lang. Nearby police officers arrested Wanger, who was sent to prison for four months. Fortunately, Lang wasn’t severely injured, but Bennett suffered greatly from the scandal.

6. Lana Turner had a relationship with a criminal.

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Known as “The Sweater Girl”, Turner became famous for her stunning looks and acting talent, but her private life was also very interesting. She got into a relationship with a guy called Johnny Stompanato. Sadly, Stompanato wasn’t a good man and even had connections to various mafia families. He became very aggressive towards Turner and abused her regularly. Eventually, the actress’ teenage daughter had had enough and stabbed Stomponato to death in order to save her mother from his attacks.

7. Ingrid Bergman had an affair.

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Famous for her role in one of the most iconic films ever made, ‘Casablanca’, Bergman seemed like the perfect woman. She was beautiful, famous, and appeared to be happily married. Sadly, things weren’t all they seemed. Behind the scenes, Bergman began an affair with an Italian director named Roberto Rossellini, who also happened to be married. Bergman even became pregnant with Rossellini’s son. She got a divorce from her husband before the birth, but the general public was shocked by the story and her career suffered for a few years, before she eventually recovered and won her second Oscar.

8. Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with Eddie Fisher, while he was married to someone else.

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Taylor had a bunch of incredible love stories throughout her life, but her relationship with Eddie Fisher was a particularly memorable one. After her third husband, Mike Todd, died in a plane crash, Taylor met and fell for Eddie Fisher, father of the late Carrie Fisher. At the time, Fisher was married to actress Debbie Reynolds, who happened to be one of Taylor’s friends. Still, the power of love was too strong and the couple couldn’t resist each other, with Fisher eventually filing for divorce and becoming Taylor’s 4th husband.

9. Thomas Ince died in mysterious circumstances.

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This is one star you might not have heard of, but back in the day, the whole of America was transfixed by the death of Thomas Ince. In life, he worked as a Hollywood producer and earned the nickname “Father of the Western”. One night, while partying with friends on a yacht owned by William Randolph Heart, Ince died. At the time, his death was said to be an accident, but then some rumors started to spread. Charlie Chaplin was also at the party, and rumors said that Ince’s death was a case of mistaken identity. Allegedly, he was shot and killed by Hearst, who had actually been trying to kill Chaplin! There are a lot of conspiracies about this particular case, and we’ll probably never know the truth, but it’s certainly interesting.


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