9 Amazing Hacks That Can Tackle Even The Toughest Stains

These tricks will be a BIG help to you

As the winter fades and the summer approaches, it’s the perfect time for that big spring cleaning your home desperately deserves!

Here are some incredible cleaning hacks that will leave your home looking brand new. Try these out for yourself and watch that tough grime, mold, and permanent stains disappear like magic!

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1. Tackling glass bottles and other glass objects.

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You can create your own magical cleaner with just some warm water, salt and soap. This mixture can tackle even the toughest of grime and leave your glasses looking sparkling new. For best results, fill the bottles and shake well, then rinse and repeat if necessary!

2. Make those floor tile lines disappear!

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To remove those pesky dark lines that appear along your tiled floors, and leave them squeaky clean, all you need is toilet cleaning solution, some bleach, and a brush with hard bristles. This simple trick will leave your tiles looking brand new!

3. How to clean your dreaded window frames.

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Step one, sprinkle dry baking soda onto your grimy windowsill. Next pour vinegar carefully onto the surface and watch as it fizzes and bubbles away the dirt. Once wiped clean, you wont be able to recognize your windows!

4. Remove tough stains on your wooden floors.

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Toothpaste is the magic eraser for those tough stains such as permanent marker for hardwood floors. For spot cleaning, add a pea sized amount of toothpaste directly to the desired area and allow to sit for several seconds. Next, scrub the area with a floor brush or sponge and presto! Perfect floors again!

5. The ultimate trick to keeping your microfiber furniture clean!

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First, carefully apply rubbing alcohol directly to the stained area, then follow with a spray of water to the entire surface of the couch. Scrub away water rings until you achieve the same color over the entire surface. Lastly, use a hard brush along the length of the couch to restore its original texture.

6. Keeping your tub squeaky clean!

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All you need for this DIY lifesaver is a mixture of washing powder and vinegar applied directly to the desired areas. Allow the mixture to soak for a while and then rub it away.

7. Restore your hairbrush to mint condition!

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To free your hairbrush from the matted mess it has become, first use some scissors to snip away old hair in between every couple rows of bristles. Boil some water, then add baking soda and mix until dissolved. Add your brush to the mixture and allow to soak for several minutes. At this stage, any remaining knots of hair will easily slide off, and your brush will look good as new!

8. Even the washing machine needs a good clean.

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Ever come across a foul smell in your washing machine, or notice residue from a heavily soiled load? To get that washing machine looking better than new, choose a cycle with the hottest option and allow it to run without any clothes inside. Instead, add white vinegar and baking soda directly to the drum. You won’t believe it could look that clean!

9. Cleaning those dusty air vents.

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One of the best tools for cleaning between intricate corners of your vents can be on old makeup or paint brush. The fluffy bristles are able to maneuver between the slits and cling on to dust better than your average car vacuum!