89-Year-Old Lady Comes Home To Find Her Belongings On The Street

Elderly woman gets evicted from her home after 35 years

Angie Tyma has lived in her home for 35 years, so we can only imagine her shock when she came home one day to learn that she had been evicted. Fortunately, some kind neighbors decided to help her out.

Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

Angie lives in the town of Hudson, Florida.

She had been married for 58 years when her husband sadly died. After his death, a friend decided to buy the house and rent it out to Tyma.

Unfortunately, this friend recently encountered some financial problems and lost possession of the house, which was sold at auction to a new owner.

Tyma knew nothing about this until one day when she arrived home and saw the new owners moving in. They forced her out onto the street and threw her belongings out with her.

Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

Tyma couldn’t believe what was happening. She’d lived in that home for over thirty years and it was gone in the blink of an eye.

Her neighbors were equally shocked. She’d been a big part of the community, and they all decided they couldn’t just stand by and watch this happen.


Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

“I wanted to buy the house,” said one neighbor, Danielle Calder, 65, “I wanted her back home.”

Together, Calder and Tyma arranged with the new owners for Calder to buy back the home for $167,500. Then, she would be able to rent it to Tyma once again.

“It was worth it,” Calder says. “I’m blessed to be able to help her.”

Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

Tyma was overjoyed at the idea of going back home, but what she didn’t know was that the neighbors were preparing another surprise for her.

Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

In order to celebrate Tyma’s 89th birthday, the neighbors got together to move Tyma’s stuff back into her house and give it a new lick of paint.


Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

Plenty of people turned up to lend a hand.

Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

Calder and the neighbors kept the whole thing a secret in order to give Tyma a super surprise.

When the old lady finally got to return to her house, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Douglas R. Clifford, Tampa Bay Times

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