8 Year Old Stuns Crowd With Her Amazing Voice

She’ll blow you away too!

Singing is an art form and takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to perfect. Every once in a while somebody comes along with such raw talent and poise that it takes your breath away.

via YouTube

The thing about the very best singers is that they have a unique voice and a fanbase that appreciates them for just that. Nobody could go as high as Michael Jackson could for the amount of time that he did and nobody can perfectly replicate Adele’s somber, raspy voice. The little child in the video below has been similarly blessed with a powerful and unique voice.

The video shows the set of Bulgaria’s Got Talent. Little Polly Ivanova, who is 8 years old, steps onto the stage, looking very nervous.

Suddenly, everything changes as Polly starts to sing. The crowd hushes, the judges give her their full attention as she sings Beyonce’s ‘Listen’. The best part about the whole performance is how easy she makes it look, the mark of a true artist.

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