8-Year Old Boxer Leaves 'Little Big Shots' Steve Harvey Mesmerized

This little girl can really throw a punch!

Evnika Saadvakass of Kazakhstan was invited to the March 27 episode of ‘Little Big Shots’ last year. She was eight years old during her interview with host Steve Harvey.


Saadvakass first became popular on social media when a clip went viral showing her throw 100 punches in less than two whole minutes. She was astonishingly only five years old at the time and garnered more than 3 million views.

Her entire skill set is a testament to the success of parents and children working together. Evnika has been training with her father, Rustam, since she was very young.

In the episode of ‘Little Big Shots’, Steve set a slightly tougher challenge for the girl. He asked her to once again throw as many punches as possible, except this time the total time would be 30 seconds. Holding the punching bag, he inquired as to how many punches she thought she could get in.

Saadvakass estimated a total of 130, a number that shocked Steve.

“If she can give me 100 in 30 seconds, that’s 3 per second plus, that’s a lot”

Evnika started pounding as soon as the timer started, with the crowd roaring her on.

Harvey chuckled and shook his head in disbelief at the little girl’s lightning-fast blows.

At last, the timer rings, and the witnesses cheer.

“Folks, these are not little taps, she’s hitting this bag for real! This girl is nice!”

Without further ado, the final tally is shown. Evnika ended up throwing 206 punches in 30 seconds! Simply outstanding!

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