8 Weirdly Wonderful Photos Of Big Things Being Transported

Why are these images so satisfying?

We can’t quite explain it, but there’s something special about these images. They all show colossal objects being transported in some way, and they’re all simply fascinating to look at. Check out the list and let us know if you feel the same way.

1. Here’s a part of the Saturn V-Apollo rocket being relocated to Cape Kennedy back in the 60s.

via reddit / pnewell NASA Keystone Features Getty

2. This enormous transformer, along with its specialized transporter vehicle, weighs in at almost 1.5 million pounds.

via Daily Mail SWNS

3. This must have been hard to transport. It’s a blade for a giant wind turbine, and it measures over 88 meters!

via Mammoet

4. From one blade to another, this one had to be transported along some narrow, winding roads.

via Wind farms construction

5. Ever wondered how those oil rigs get set up in the ocean? Here’s one being transported by boat.

via reddit / Ambiwlans

6. And here we have a colossal electromagnet being carried through a town.

via Flickr / Brookhaven National Laboratory

7. Yes, that’s the Space Shuttle Endeavor being transported along a street.

via reddit / gramturismo

8. And let’s finish up with another stunning oil rig shot.

via Imgur / Jandalofdoom