8 Easy Ways To Get More Storage On Your iPhone Without Deleting Those Favorite Photos

We’re betting you’ve never heard of #3. Sneaky.

5. Deactivate My Photo Stream.

As you’ve probably noticed, this feature saves duplicates of the same image to all your Apple devices. Meant to guarantee you’re never without the photo you need, the program has been known to suck up all the free space on your system’s hardware, so it’s a good idea to switch it off.

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6. Download the Google Photos App.

Some people may not be aware that Google apps can be installed on Apple devices. This particular addition will completely change your life. The app allows you to store thousands of pictures and videos in a ‘mobile cloud,’ freeing up the storage capacity on your OS.  The best part? It’s completely free, no matter what!

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7. Delete those hardly-used or never-opened apps.

While this one might sound like a no-brainer, there are a few layers to the situation. Applications running on your OS will accrue their own log of cached data, location services, and the like. So that app you’ve only used once could be hogging space in the background without you even knowing!

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8. Turn off the ‘automatic updates’ setting.

Allowing your OS to freely upgrade applications will cost you gigs of data as well as space on your device. Go into the settings for the Apple App store menu and simply flip the switch. Doing this will guarantee updates won’t be downloaded unless you manually request them.

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