8 Beautiful Images Of People And Pets With Heterochromia

Having differently-colored eyes is a rare and special phenomenon

Heterochromia is the technical term for when a human or animal has eyes of different colors. It’s very rare and is caused by differing amounts of the pigment known as melanin in each eye. If you’ll excuse the pun, the following heterochromia-based images are particularly eye-catching!

1. Cats always have gorgeous eyes, but this one is really special!

via reddit / Jamaal_J_Escobar

2. The brown and the green work so well together.

via reddit / rachch

3. Two best pals.

via Tumblr / nikki-von-samael

4. What are the chances of this girl finding a dog with the exact same eyes as her!?

via reddit / reiche0312

5. Too cute.

via Instagram / @taigalittlewolf

6. The perfect match.

via reddit / ArkadiusBear

7. A mirror image!

via Instagram / @ry45guy

8. His blue eye almost seems to glow!

via reddit / Malplace

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