7 Foods That Help With Hair Growth

These are godsends!

Healthy and perfect hair is highly desired by all. To that end, the world has come up with shampoos, treatments, waxing, and more to help supplement hair growth. Turns out, your diet can also help.

The following products not only speed up hair growth, but also strengthen it.

1. Lentils.

These are chock-full of iron, which is instrumental in hair growth. Consuming a bowl will roughly equal half your daily requirement and will also give you zinc and choline, the latter of which helps with scalp health.

2. Almonds.

These have vitamin E in them, which aids in thickening your hair and stimulating growth. Around 20 nuts will fulfill 70 percent of your requirement. Almonds also include vitamin B, fatty acids, and biotin, which are also good for you.

3. Chicken.

This protein based food is essential in supplying keratin. Hair shafts are constituted almost completely of keratin. If you don’t get enough protein for even a matter of days, your hair starts weakening and falling out. Other kinds of lean meat, like rabbit and turkey, can be used as alternatives.

4. Salmon.

This contains omega-3 fatty acids. This activates growth and strengthens hair follicles. Salmon also includes elements like iron and vitamin B-12 that help with faster hair growth.

5. Oysters.

These are uncharacteristically rich in zinc which makes your hair look darker and shinier while increasing growth. One per day should be more than enough, although it’s nearly impossible to have oysters each day. You can use beef, pork, or even bran as alternatives as they all contain large quantities of zinc.

6. Eggs.

Eggs help in preserving your hair and accelerating growth as well. This is due to the presence of protein and biotin, the latter of which is actually widely recommended for people losing hair. Eggs are also full of healthy amino acids like leucine that help promote hair growth.

7. Pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds contain Vitamin B1 through B6. The first four (B1, B2 B3 and B4) are very conducive to growth, whereas the last two (B5 and B6) contribute to a healthy scalp. One study says that if you are already losing some hair, you should seriously consider adding more pumpkin seeds to your diet. Apparently pumpkin seeds can also help combat and stave off many other ailments as well, so including more in your diet can help with that too.

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