6 Brothers Grow Their Hair And Get Bullied, But It's All For A Good Cause

They supported each other and stayed strong

Phoebe Kannisto from New York has her hands full with half a dozen boys. Her oldest is 10, while numbers two and three are identical twins aged 8, and, if you can believe it, numbers four through six are fraternal triplets aged just 5.

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The brothers share a strong bond and have a very unique tradition. Herbie, Dexter, Reed, Silas, Emerson, and Andre decided, around three years back, that they were going to donate hair to cancer kids.

This was because around that time, a friend of the family lost a son to cancer. Some of the boys were around his age and had grown to like him, so they decided they would help out. They let all their hair grow out and then donated it to a nonprofit organization, Children With Hair Loss.

“My three oldest sons donated their hair two years ago. My triplets were inspired and wanted to donate their hair, too,” Phoebe said in an interview.

As it is nontraditional for boys to have long hair, they had to go through a lot a lot of bullying as they grew their hair.

“Adults were more understanding when they found out the reasoning behind the long hair. Yes, even adults made remarks to the boys about their hair,” said Phoebe. “Not all kids know about hair donation. Some were more understanding after my sons would explain what it was… and some were not.”

The boys frequented a salon by the name of Hzair, after spending months growing out their hair. The grand total of hair donated was an astonishing 17 inches.

Stories like these make your heart melt, especially when you consider how those surrounding the boys weren’t exactly supportive.

“Their little sister desperately wanted to donate with them,” said Phoebe. “They promised her they’d all do it again. Next time, they plan on all seven of them donating together.”

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