5-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer Smiles After Receiving 250,000 Christmas Cards

If this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity, nothing will.

Spunky and sweet Bradley Lowery wowed everyone with his perseverant attitude through a battle with cancer. Honoring his incredible strength and impressive determination, strangers from around the globe offered their support in 250,000 handwritten notes and cards.

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Diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the tender age of two, Bradley put up a strong fight against the disease and thankfully went into remission. Unfortunately, that incredible victory was short-lived. The boy’s cancer returned just after his 5th birthday, coming back with a vengeance.

The third most common strain of cancer in school aged children, neuroblastoma handed over a grim diagnosis. As speciality treatments weren’t available in his native U.K., Bradley was told to leave the country to receive proper care. Almost instantly, the boy’s supportive and loving community launched a fundraiser in his name.

In just a matter of months, over £700,00 was raised for the cause. It wasn’t long before everyone wanted to get involved, including Bradley’s favorite soccer team.

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Knowing the 5-year-old was a huge fan of the game, the Sunderland team hosted the little boy as their very own guest of honor during a match against a well-known rival, the Everton Football Club.

Walking the field in an authentic jersey, little Bradley had the time of his life. He even accepted a check for £200,00 from his team’s opponents! Little did the tiny Brit know, he’d be receiving a lot more than that in the near future.

Piles and piles of stamped envelopes and parcels rolled in, all addressed to one Bradley Lowery. Upon hearing of the kid’s terminal diagnosis, strangers decided to offer their kind words and loving thoughts … to the tune of 250,000 cards.

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“We’re getting cards from all over. It’s so overwhelming for his family that everybody is thinking of their little boy,” a family friend commented.

Smiling while surrounded by family, Bradley began opening the thoughtful letters and packages at his local community center. It was pretty clear the sweet little gentleman enjoyed every comment, heart shaped picture, and encouraging word. Gemma, Bradley’s mother, was touched as well.

“A massive thank you to everyone … to our local community …” Gemma wrote. ” I’ve read some amazing messages [and] the support he has received is overwhelming.”

Small but mighty, Bradley isn’t quite ready to give up the fight.

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