5-Year-Old Boy Invites His Teen Cousin To Prom

He’s a little heartbreaker

As usual, teens are freaking out about prom this time of year. Some will be finding dates, others prefer to go stag, while others choose to take family. 

A junior at Prescott High School, Arizona, Haleigh Wiley was supposed to go with her boyfriend, who canceled on her the day before. She was now confused and uncertain as to what her plans were going to be.

After hearing that Haleigh would be going to the prom solo, her 5 year old cousin Bentley took charge. He went up to her and said

“I will take you to prom — I can do it, I’m a big boy!”

And so it was. Haleigh went to the prom with her cousin, turning a lot of heads, although it was Bentley who apparently stole the show. Everybody enjoyed his presence.

Haleigh says that Bentley is like a little brother to her and she appreciates the bravery it took for him to ask her out. It paid off in the end as the two kids had a lot of fun.

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